A Guide On How To Look After Your Newborn Baby

Once a woman survives nine months of pain to bear a child, the next hard part is making sure you look after your baby the right way. There are some things that can potentially hurt or be fatal to the baby if done in a wrong manner, like feeding the baby. Of course women who are mothers for the second or third time have no problem with this as they have already gone through the process with their first born, but for mothers who are entirely new to the whole experience it can end up being very scary for them! Due to this reason it is always important to get help before you decide to do something, you can look for help online or get advice from your own friends and family as well. As pregnancy was already one tough experience, this guide will make motherhood more easier for you especially if you are a new mum! 

Baby’s diet

Once a baby is born you will notice how your breasts also change in order to supply milk for your baby. While some mothers are lucky enough to experience breast feeding their babies, some mothers would not be so lucky or would decide to give up that experience due to a number of reasons and stick to bottle feeding baby. Breast fed or bottle fed, it is important to remember these facts. A new born baby will often be hungry and will star

t crying a lot once they are hungry to indicate to you that they need milk. This is how you know they need to be fed, unless you are sticking to a specific schedule.Breast milk does offer more anti – bodies to protect the new baby compared to formula feeding, but due to unavoidable reasons mothers have to stick to formula. This does not mean it is anything bad, a bottle fed baby is just as healthy as a breast fed baby. Make sure when you are choosing the formula for the baby, to consult a professional and then make your purchases to keep the baby safe. Also do not forget to burp the baby once they’re fed!

Sleep patterns

During the first few months of being a new mum, you would not be getting any sleep or any rest at all. The baby will not sleep profoundly for longer periods in the night which means you will be up all night consoling the baby. As they have small digestive systems they will need to be fed every few hours and if your baby is asleep for more than our hours, they will need to awoke and fed.