Popular Woods For Fencing

Installing the fence at your property is the tricky decision because it has to last years. If you will choose the right wood it can last for decades but also save your money and time. Any wood you will install will need maintenance, few will need less or other needs more. If you will be using the wood that needs high maintenance it means that you will be spending your time in its maintenance. If you will get any third party help for maintaining your fence, it will add convenience but also cost more money. But fencing is the most common sight in the countryside of Australia. It means that it has become the primary part of the construction and still very much in common use. Click here for further information regarding fencing timber in Melbourne.

This is the reason that most fencing is made by using multiple kinds of wood at the same time. This will help to increase the durability of the fence and also enhance the appearance of it. The combination of hardwood and softwood can help to make the right mix for the fencing. But there are certain types of wood that are very popular due to their durability and other qualities. It is also important to think ahead while choosing woods for fencing, as many factors will affect the performance of wood in your fencing. The factors like;


Insect Infestation


Due to all these factors, there are certain types of wood that are in popular use and usually are the best choice in Australia.


The treated pine is the most common wood used for merbau decking supplies in Melbourne. The pine is economical as compare to other woods but they are susceptible to damage. They require regular maintenance but their maintenance is low cost. It makes them ideal for people who want to install fencing with a minimal budget. The pinewoods can be preserved with a different type of chemical to increase its insect resistance. Pine can also be used with other woods to make more durable fencing. 


Cedar is popular due to its durability. But it is quite expensive as compared to pine. The other great property of cedarwood is that its conation natural oils that increase its resistance against insects. Once installed you don’t have to be worried by insect infestations or termites. The higher price of cedar compensates with its scent and better appearance. It may be a high investment at the time of installation but the cedar can last for decades. You have to install such wood for fencing that will help you to save money in the longer run. Again, it is dependent that how much you can spend on first time installation.