Redecorate Your Bathroom Vanities Now With Initial Tiles

Redecorate your existing washrooms by changing tiles on it walls, floor, basins, taps, screens for shower area, mirrors and vanities and the list goes on. One out of all of these is numerous types of bathroom vanities in Sydney available at Initial Tiles that you can shop from. You can track one of their spectacular looking vanities with the following product id: BA0400538. Costing only dollar one hundred and ninety-nine, with a white finish on top, this vanity is something you will love to have for yourself.  Some of the significant features include that: it has a top made out of ceramic and the drawers and door at the bottom are easy to open and close while taking out things, making it easy to clean as well. The base of the drawer as well as the back board is solid in nature. For further details you must look at the product yourself and then reach a conclusion. OH! And how can one forget that these are also available in single and dual basins depending upon what you like to have in your bathroom. It’s all white appearance also goes well in hand for all those who appreciate simplicity as well as modernity, both in one.

Their shipping policies are as follows

Choosing a product is one thing and ordering it and receiving it is altogether another case, therefore you must be aware of certain policies and practices of Initial Tiles. For all orders that are to be delivered within Sydney, they usually take two to three working days and three to five working days for deliveries outside of Sydney. Tiles are send in a truck ranging from six to eight ton, but if your driveway cannot have it or there are other issues, do discuss them with them while you are placing your order, to avoid any discrepancy later on. Once your order is released for deliver from their store, they will send you an email stating the required details. Do make sure that all details you share with them are correct, such as your address, phone number, email address etc. because once they have issued the product for delivery, there is no way that a change can be made. If you are interested about bathroom tiles you can visit this website

In addition to orders, they also send samples of tiles to all those customers who think that pictures online are not enough for them to decide and they want to check the tile for themselves. The size of tiles sent as a sample is standard, i.e. three hundred by three hundred millimeter. They do not charge you any fee for viewing the sample other than the courier fee. As far as return of tiles is concerned, it is not possible after you have the tiles fitted in your walls or floors, and also if you later find changes in the number or size of the tile. Therefore, for your own benefit, it is advised that you have a good look at the tiles when they are delivered.