Improving Your Home’s Drainage System

Accumulation of excessive rainwater can cause serious issues in the long run, which makes it important to have a proper drainage system in place to avoid such issues from ever occurring. Thankfully, most of the newly-built homes have excellent drainage properties, thereby making them able to withstand heavy rainfall without a hitch. However, there are also many older homes which have poor drainage systems. In case you are the unlucky owner of such a property, you should try to do your level best in alleviating the problem.

Fortunately for you, poor drainage is often due to a combination of several minor issues that get compounded, thereby making the problem seem much more serious than it really is. If you can manage to fix most of the following problems, your home should be able to handle large amounts of rainwater without issues:

Enlarged Downspouts – You may already have several downspouts installed, but you need to see whether they are good enough to handle large volumes of water at once. They will surely do their job when it’s lightly raining, but they may not be up to the task during a massive deluge. Make sure to install bigger downspouts to move large quantities of water into the intended spaces, thereby avoiding your garden from getting flooded.

Cleaning the Gutters – Gutters are also a critical part of your home’s drainage system. Gold Coast guttering really well at first, but with time, they tend to get clogged due to the accumulation of fallen leaves from trees as well as debris. Gutter mesh installation can help in preventing excessive build-up of debris, but you should still hire a professional firm to clean them every once in a while.

Adequate Terrain Sloping – If it seems like water accumulates in specific parts of your home’s backyard or garden, inadequate sloping may be to blame. Make sure to properly grade the terrain in a way to facilitate water flow. Avoid grading it in such a way that water accumulates in certain spots, as this will easily give rise to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. Keeping your outdoor spaces clean can help you figure out a good solution. Employ some high pressure cleaning Gold Coast to do this if you cannot proceed on your own.

Fix the Roof and Windows – Water can get inside your home from several places, but the most likely culprits are going to be old windows or the roof itself. Make sure to inspect all of them for potential leaks, especially the roof. Make repairs as deemed necessary to prevent unnecessary water damage, something which can be quite costly to remedy once you ignore it for a long period of time.