Tree Cutting And Its Maintenance

In our society trees play an important role. They provide us many useful things. Cutting trees and some human activities can led to ozone layer destruction. It could also increase greenhouse gases. We can use trees for different purposes as they carry life. If there would be no trees we wouldn’t be living on the Earth. The Chain starts from sunlight the plant starts making glucose (food) and starch. Herbivores and Omnivores animals eat these plants as food and then the Carnivores animals’ eat those Herbivores and the chain continues. We also in-take glucose in form of food from plants for our food.

Cutting Down Trees:

Cutting trees completely should be stopped as trees are helpful for us but some people don`t care about it they cut trees completely only for increasing their land. If they harvest the trees it would be mutilate for them. This should be stopped if not so government should be responsible for it they need to act on it. Cutting trees completely may cause ozone layer damage which can be very hazardous for us. As we know trees take in Carbon Dioxide and release oxygen. They are also known as environment cleaners. They clean up the air for us. Flowering trees should never ever be removed. Flowering trees provide us with fruits and vegetables. Removing trees can led to increase of green house gases which include carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbon. If they increased we will suffer with ozone layer damage and glaciers will meltdown which could led us to a huge tsunami and earthquakes 5% or 6% earthquakes are caused by melting glaciers. We could also face animal and human extinction because of no trees. If there would be no trees so we will definitely die because an animal survives on eating starch created by plants if there would be no tree what would they eat and carnivores’ animals eat herbivores and we eat herbivore so if there would be no tree nobody could survive. Cutting trees can also cause environmental pollution and nobody could clean it except plants and trees. Therefore instead of completely cutting down trees one can cut its extra branches that causes extra space to one’s place, this way the tree’s life would also not get affected.

Maintenance of Trees:

Maintaining trees should be taken up properly because if a small problem occurs it would be bigger for us. We should plan to plant a tree that can be helpful for us not all trees are good for us some take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Try to plant flowering plant. Also keep in mind that you plant it at a place where nobody faces any problems from it. Water it every day. The more you grow a tree it’s in your own good. Place seeds where the soil is dry and water it only twice a day otherwise it would be overwatered. Using vary amount of fertilizers could also damage the fields. You can use fine soil for growth. Put a plant where it can receive proper sunlight for its growth. Non-flowering trees can be harvested for biomass. If you want to importantly work on the place of your tree so you can harvest it or its disturbance and making things harder for you afterwards so definitely you can harvest it. For this purpose you can go for a tree services Turramurra or other kinds of tree services. As these people are professional they would certainly be beneficial for these kinds of tasks.